The Difference between Boba and Bubble Tea

There’s nothing more interesting and refreshing than having a sweet, tasty, milky drink to get your hands on, on a hot sunny day! That’s why many people love bubble tea. However, if you have also heard of boba tea, you may have been confused about the difference between the two. Many people assume that the two are the same and can be easily used interchangeably. However, let’s truly discover what the difference is between the two.

The two drinks are, in fact, the same. However, the terms are used differently when the regions differ.

In origin, which is Taiwan, the term used is bubble tea. The same term is also used in almost all of Asia. However, in the United States, the term popularized is boba tea or bubble tea. Boba is the term more commonly used in the Eastern part of the US, while the Western part is a bubble. However, whichever term you prefer, the same drink refers to something sweet with tapioca balls as sinkers.

Bubble Tea Ingredients

In its most basic form, bubble tea includes black tea, milk, tapioca pearls, and ice. All ingredients are shaken together to form a wonderful thirst quencher which can be easily drunk using a fat straw to access the chewy tapioca pearls.

1. Tea

A lot of bubble tea is made with black, green, or oolong tea. Black tea, specifically, is the most popular to many bubble tea drinkers. Green tea is an option for an alternative to those who want a healthier choice. This includes matcha as well as Jasmine green tea.

For those who have a low tolerance for tea-based drinks but want to indulge in the hype for bubble tea, fruit-based are advised. For coffee lovers, there are also available powdered coffee-based bubble teas.

2. Milk

Milk and milk alternatives are frequently mixed in bubble tea to achieve a creamy texture. However, it also adds a lot of creaminess to the taste, which many people prefer. There are various milk and milk substitute options, including sparkling milk condensed milk, almond, coconut, ice cream, soy milk, and any other non-dairy creamer.

You may not be introduced to milk options if you prefer fruity flavors because milk curdles in fruit-based drinks because of acidity.

  1. Boba/Balls/Pearls

Boba, more commonly known as tapioca balls made from cassava starch, provide more texture to each bubble tea drink. Its chewy texture provides more grip to those who drink bubble tea, making the drink more fun to indulge in. Tapioca balls, just like the bubble drink itself, can come in various flavors. So whether you want something sweet like caramelized brown sugar or something savory like cheese, it is easily possible.

Whatever term you may prefer, you have an infinite mixture ahead of you for you to try. If you are craving bubble tea after clarifying the difference between boba and bubble tea, University Place bubble tea can help you with your dilemma. Check out and get your sweet drink!