How to Teach Your Dog to Pay Attention?

When it comes to positive dog training, one of the most underrated and important parts is to have the undivided attention of your dog. If you try to think about it, this can be reasonable because how can you train your dog when they don’t pay attention to you. To help you with that, we have created a list of 3 fun and simple exercises intended to guide you on how to teach your dog to pay attention to you, which can make it easier for you to do?puppy training.? 

Teaching them this skill when asked maybe the most essential thing you can teach them. Dogs who master this skill can probably come to you and walk on a leash as well. Here are some beneficial tips that enable your dog to pay attention to you and wait for more commands: 

Letting your dog focus 

Once your dog looks at you, use a happy tone and say their name, and then give them a treat. You can do this many times to make them be conditioned to the treat and the reward marker. As soon as they seem to comprehend this fun game and they love to play, you’ll eventually observe that your dog’s focus improves. 

Let your dog focus on the real world 

This step must be attempted when the dog isn’t looking at you. Mention their name and they will look at you for the treat and click. When the dog does not look at you, use a clicky or kissy sound to get their attention. Once they look, give them the click and treat they deserve. 

Maintain the focus 

As the skill of your dog improves, ask them to  maintain their focus. Giving click and treat at random intervals will teach your dogs that the rewards will continually come from time to time. Keep in mind that your goal is to make your dog well-behaved. A lot of people teach their dog an “attention” or “watch” cue. You can use these commands to help them keep on focusing. 

Teaching your dog to look at you as you call their name may appear to be an insignificant demand. However, there’s a lot more to it than that. Making them pay their full attention to you anytime and regardless of all the distractions around them serves a lot of purposes. Your dogs must be conditioned to look at you and immediately stop once they hear you call their name. 

What if your dog observes a rat and runs after it towards the street and they are not conditioned to pay attention to you after calling them? What if they do not see the curled-up snake from where they are sniffing? In such instances, you can save their lives by immediately getting their full attention. 

This sill is also necessary and important when you take them to the vet. With this skill, they will only focus and look at you no matter what’s being done to them. Moreover, they won’t be hurt while struggling with the vet. 

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